Maison De Nitin Goenka is the realm in which invaluable gems come together in breath-taking jewelry. Paying heed to the centuries’ old art and craft of jewelry making, MDNG conspires to create jewels that re-define luxury, majesty and beauty.

Our seasoned in-house designers craft jewelry that is adored, loved and cherished by connoisseurs around the globe- making each of our pieces a treasured symbol of love, a souvenir, a story in itself.

Designed and curated by acclaimed designer Nitin Goenka, MDNG is an global retail boutique- one of the first of its kind, in the international gems and jewellery industry. It gives our customers the unique opportunity to buy through a combination of on-line and personal interaction environments. We make the world come together in a jewel for our customer. The Gems may be from tropical rainforests and the pearls from the Orient, and the Goldsmith may be from Switzerland and the Designer from India, and the boutique may be elsewhere altogether. We do not let geographical barriers like boutique space in your city or even country come in our way to serve you with the world’s finest in jewellery at your doorstep in your currency.

Maison De Nitin Goenka sources from only the most exquisite locations around the world, ensuring that you get the finest gems available. Our signature style is a promise, a promise of a thrilling future of brilliance, grandeur and innovation.

O ur Philosophy

‘To carve a diamond into a dream.’

Celebrating the beauty of uniqueness in every woman, by offering her an equally unique piece of master crafted jewelry- Maison De Nitin Goenka has long been an ardent admirer of regalia, splendour and magnificence. We believe that excellence in creation is achieved through consistency in perfection.

T he Creator

Born in Jaipur, India; Nitin Goenka spent his childhood in the City of Palaces and Maharajas, steeped in culture and heritage. Later, after moving to Bombay and then on to New York, Nitin Goenka’s passion for beauty and jewelry remained unadulterated while only rising with time. Soon he rose to become one of the promising personalities in the business and gained fame designing stunning jewellery with handpicked diamonds for aficionados and eminent personalities throughout the world.