The dimensions of beauty in a perfect diamond are limitless. They are equal parts creation and nature’s own elegance. We believe that a true diamond must be given the treatment it deserves, to both enhance what nature has provided while still preserving its raw allure and mystic. Our team of talented craftsmen first measure, analyse and judge the diamond; and then proceed to set it simply or elaborately, but with immaculate craftsmanship every time.


Each process responsible for bringing you the final product is curated by Nitin Goenka. Talented artists and artisans spend days and months fabricating a product to match the standards of MDNG, while constantly surpassing their own benchmarks.


Maison De Nitin Goenka believes in creations that last an eternity, both in presence and memory. Our pieces mean as much to us as they do to you, which is why your purchase is not just jewelry undistinguished, but an ode to the adoration and love we attribute to our final product. Take a moment to explore Maison’s intimate craftsmanship, they last a lifetime.


Handpicked adornments from our treasure of exclusive design and signature pieces that symbolize the unflinching legacy of Maison De Nitin Goenka. The signature line showcases our pieces that stand out in incomparable brilliance and grandeur. Behold MDNG’s range of jewelry par excellence.


A cluster of golden pearls amidst 50 yellow diamonds and 12 white diamonds.The entire appearance radiates in golden luminosity.


Lush Meadow Emerald Earrings

58 emeralds placed in a collage-like shape within an outline of white diamonds. The elements of attraction are brought forth from the striking green shimmer of the many emeralds.


Queen’s Emerald ring

A regal Emerald placed inside beautifully decorated arrangement of white and yellow diamonds, making it a royal insignia.


The Chosen represents Maison's unbreakable league in producing fine jewelry, pieces that touch the richest facets of design and craftsmanship.